So let me tell you about my fitness journey for the last two years. May 2015 I started with herballife and although it did help me lose weight, it was so expensive and I couldn’t keep up with the products. Plus the people weren’t that friendly. I started to feel like I looked more like a dollar sign then a person to people. It got worse when instead of “how are you doing” txts, I started getting “when is your next order” and “join this challenge and buy this product” txts. I understand people make a living off of commission of these products but I’m not a product I’m a person so please treat me that way.

Once I quit Herbalife, I just started working out on my own. I gained some weight back but I’m overall happy. But I told you guys I would be committed and I am. Before is my progress pic, post herabal life on the left, middle is mid herbalife and last is now. Soon I’ll be past that middle pic and I don’t plan to to stop!!


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