New perspective

Coming to you live from the BDPA Connect 16 conference in ATL! Of course I’m representing my job but also myself. Thai is the first conference I have had the privilege to attend and I can say it has changed my outlook on numerous things. As a African American female, I feel there is not a lot of diversity in today’s tech industry. I want to take a stand and help our fellow brothers and sisters push through the boundary.

I attended a workshop with Valiesha Butterfield Jones, who is in charge of black engagement at Google and she had inspired me so much to speak up. We need to help eachother and not just sit on the sidelines. I want to help bring diversity to my company as well as others. 


Time to start DOing things

Jumped back into the swing of things today. First time I worked out in two weeks and it felt amazing! Getting my running stamina back! Was able to run 15mins straight today while alternating speeds! Who said losing weight was easy 😁 

I told myself that I’m not gonna TRY anymore or keep putting stuff off, I’m going to DO things! That’s how change happens!