New perspective

Coming to you live from the BDPA Connect 16 conference in ATL! Of course I’m representing my job but also myself. Thai is the first conference I have had the privilege to attend and I can say it has changed my outlook on numerous things. As a African American female, I feel there is not a lot of diversity in today’s tech industry. I want to take a stand and help our fellow brothers and sisters push through the boundary.

I attended a workshop with Valiesha Butterfield Jones, who is in charge of black engagement at Google and she had inspired me so much to speak up. We need to help eachother and not just sit on the sidelines. I want to help bring diversity to my company as well as others. 


How to get noticed on LinkedIn

Profile Picture

Picking a great profile picture is key to get your profile noticed. Before anyone looks at the contents of your profile they will look at your photo of course. It’s like picking a great photo for your Facebook but don’t use any crazy photos from Facebook. Keep it professional and frontal so they can see your lovely face


Believe me making friends on LinkedIn is not hard so start adding away. Start with your friends and then your professors and maybe your friends friend. Connections help get your profile views. It just like Facebook if you get a friend request from someone with no friends and you don’t personally know them you are liable to reject. Same with recruiters, if you look fake, its most likely they will think your page is fake. It never hurts to get those numbers up.


This is basically your objective on your resume so it should not be hard to think of something. Keep it short and sweet but do capture why you are looking for and your interests but again don’t make it too long. Recruiters already have to scan through your profile so make sure they learn a little about you before they see what your made off.


Don’t be scared to include your past experiences no matter how small. All jobs matter! Don’t be ashamed you worked fast food in high school or college. I bet you learned great customer support skills there! If you can survive customer service in fast food or retail, you can make it anywhere! Make sure to highlight the skills you got out of these jobs that makes you look like a great candidate. Remember people want to hire you but if they don’t know your experience then what do they have to go off of?


Of course you will include your education but don’t just stop at “bachelors of science in blah”. Include the projects you worked on! That is also experience you can document that wasn’t work related. If you were able to work with external clients, or global teams or a mock company, include it all. Most of the projects you work on are real-life scenarios that people get paid for to work on. If you have experience, you will get noticed. Also courses, the million classes you attended are not all a waste. Include your courses that back up your degree and knowledge.

Skills & Endorsements

To me this is the biggest section on your profile. Recruiters want to know, what you know and what your friends are saying you know. Make sure to pick skills you specialize as well as other skills you picked up on the way. Arrange them in skills you want to get noticed in the most. You don’t have to arrange but don’t complain when you have Microsoft office, word and excel as you first 3 skills and all your friends only endorse those. People are lazy and even thought you ask for endorsements; they may only endorse the first couple they see. Take it from me I have over 10 endorsements for Microsoft office and even though I’m grateful. Microsoft office is like saying I can speak English Lol it’s so easy. The skills I want to get endorsed for are not getting in endorsed because they were so low on my list. I just starting moving my skills around and I have gotten a couple job request just from these few skills.

I guarantee making sure you cover these top 6 areas will get your profile noticed. Take it from me. I applied my little heart away to companies before I made a LinkedIn and got only one call back. Since I made a LinkedIn I have recruiters left to right messaging for available positions. I even got a request from Google. Don’t be shy to include details, recruiters want to know what you know.

Well until next time…

Xo – Esh