Daily quote



Okay guys so my first promise to myself was all around being healthy. So I’ve commited to do that. Let me give you the details of what I’m doing. My bf has me on this plank challenge which I’m on day 7/8 I believe now. My bf claims he sees results but I don’t yet so I probably need to take b4 & after so I can see what he sees. 
Also I’m doing a 90 fitness challenge, if you guys know Natalie nunn then you know what I’m talking about. I’m doing her challenge which has specific workouts laid out for each day. I’m into week 2 and I feel GREAT! I’m getting back into running again and can increase my speed each day. Back in college I could run 20 mins straight so I’m glad to finally getting back to the old me 😊. No where to go but up from here. Who ever said it would be easy? 🙃

Flat twist/perm rod result

So this is the end product of my hair. My hair didn’t dry all the way so it’s more of a messy curl but I like it. Wish my hair could of stretched a little bit more but I’m okay for the curl fro for now. I finger picked my hair to give it a little more personality and to pull the curls out more. Next time I might set my hair earlier in the day so it has time to dry before going to bed.


Learning to love my hair on my head. Lately I’ve been leaning toward weaves cuz I hate my hair and the process of doing it and everything else that comes with it. Hours of manipulation for it to look like a mop, spending night after night retwisting and braid for it to look like something. Another promise to myself is to start loving it more and treating it like a person. I will never bash weaves cuz I love them lol but I’ma try to embrace my natural hair more. 💁🏽

Self reflections…

All my life I’ve been giving promise after promise. Promising myself I would do this, start this today/tomorrow, go here and there. I’m tried of broken promises and I don’t tolerate it from others so why am I tolerating it with myself? 

Today that ends as I embrack on a new life of fulfilling my promises. Promise number one on my life of fulfillment: Working out and Losing weight!

I’m gonna be accountable on here so stay tuned for my weigh-ins and my b4 & after pics 😉 is 

Wedding fiasco 

My parents wedding is coming up and everything is all over the place! Not only did the bride JUST find her dress but I haven’t found a dress at all and I also haven’t bothered to look 🙁. Neither has my sisters and we’re all in the wedding 🙃. Invitations haven’t been sent and the wedding is next month, the decorations are not final, food has not been sampled… Must I go on? It just completly cray cray 😩. Hopefully they get it together before the big day…

My apologizes

I need to me more impactful and vocal on my blog. I made this with the thought in mind that I’d be more expressive and share things with the world. But unfortunately I’ve still stayed in my bubble. I pledge to at least post 3 times a week so stay tuned.